SQL HealthChecks: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Evaluate the health of your SQL Servers with our comprehensive SQL HealthCheck. We assess system configurations, security, data backup plans, disaster recovery, log management, memory allocation, indexing strategy, and overall system stability. Receive a detailed report with recommended changes to preempt potential issues.

  • System Configuration
  • Security and Optimization
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Log Management and File Placement
  • Memory Allocation and Performance Metrics
  • Indexing Strategy

Empower Your Team with Training Options

Strengthen your organization’s SQL knowledge through our customized training options. Whether it’s one-to-one DBA training or group sessions for developers in Optimized T-SQL Code, we tailor our training to your specific needs. Our real-world training ensures immediate applicability to your systems and processes.

Ongoing Support for Your SQL Environment

Count on our dedicated support staff and experienced SQL Consultants for assistance. From occasional DBA resources with remote access to emergency on-site support, we offer a range of support options for your business. Reach out to our support team at support@4shaw.com for prompt assistance.

  • Occasional DBA Resource
  • Emergency Onsite Support
  • Remote Assistance
  • Quick Phone Support

Useful SQL Resources for Problem Solving

Explore these valuable resources that our team uses to solve SQL Server problems. While there’s abundant information available, if you still have SQL questions, our support line is ready to connect you with experts.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Official Documentation:
  2. Stack Overflow – SQL Server Section:
  3. SQL Server Central:
  4. Redgate’s Simple Talk – SQL Server Section:
  5. Brent Ozar Unlimited – SQL Server Blog:

Feel free to explore these resources for answers to your SQL Server questions. For immediate assistance, call our support line.